Soy Candles - 2oz Jars
Soy Candles - 2oz Jars
Soy Candles - 2oz Jars
Soy Candles - 2oz Jars
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Soy Candles - 2oz Jars

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2oz Soy Candles by Baked Candle Co.

Handmade soy candles by Baked Candle Co. in New Brunswick, Canada.

These 2 oz candles are a great size to add onto your order as a little treat or to complete a gift!


Baked Candle Co. uses 100% natural wax, cotton (lead-free) wicks and high quality fragrance oils in all of their candles, for a clean and slow burn you can enjoy. Their candles are hand-poured with love and attention to quality craftsmanship and their packaging is reusable and/or recyclable.

• 100% natural soy wax blended with all natural botanical waxes
• Ethically produced
• Renewable and sustainable resources
• Contains no animal by products & never tested on animals

Each 2oz. Soy Candle will burn for approximately 15 hours.


Coffee Shop - A rich and creamy blend of roasted espresso beans, hazelnut and vanilla, like your favourite latte or cappuccino.

Cinnamon Swirl Brioche - Irresistible cinnamon and brown sugar swirling through a rich and buttery brioche dough. Warm, spicy, sweet, bake-y fragrance that will fill your room.

Strawberries & Champagne - a sweet fruity scent with just a hint of bubbly. Perfect for celebrating or enjoying a refreshing summer day.

Frosty's Cocoa - Smells like a rich, velvety cup of hot cocoa with a minty twist.

Mrs Claus Bakery - Smells like warm sugar cookies just coming out of the oven. Notes of Rich butter, pure cane sugar, and warm vanilla.


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Care Instructions

Please always read and follow the warning labels on your candles. They will advise you of the safest way to burn each type of candle. Burning candles for longer than the recommended time can actually decrease your candles overall burn time. If the wick gets too long, it can produce a bigger flame and become unsafe. Also, if burning for longer than the recommended time, glass holders can become too hot and crack.

Keep wicks trimmed to 1/4 inch. To trim wicks, use a specialty candle accessory, called a wick trimmer, or, let wax cool and harden, flip upside down and trim wick. This will prevent the wick trimmings from falling into your candle.​ You want to keep any foreign objects out of your candle, like wick trimmings and matches.

Always burn candles in a sturdy, heat resistant container. Avoid wood or plastic holders as well as keep away from any flammable materials, like curtains and clothing. Remember "Stop, Drop and Roll"​​​

Never leave a burning candle unattended or lit while you are sleeping.​

Teach your children to be careful around open flames. Make sure they understand that candles are not toys, or something they can eat or drink.  

Find more recommended candle safety here.